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History of slate roofing The History of slate and its use as a roofing material introduction.

The use of slate as a roofing material dates back to the late twelve and thirteen hundreds. Slate was used for roofing the eight towers of Conwy Castle between 1283-87. By the late 1700's Welsh slate quarries were exporting over 450,000 tons of slate.

Slate Quarrying in Wales before 1944

In 1839 slate deposits were found near Fair Haven, Vermont, however, but quarrying was found impractical and uses for slate were few. By the mid -1840s things changed. A barn one mile south of Fair Haven was the first to be covered with slate in 1848. It was feared the barn would not withstand the weight of the stone, however, it is still standing today with the same slate roof. In 1850, Welsh immigrants arrived in Fair Haven, and in 1852 thirty some Welsh settlers arrived in Middle Granville and several slate companies were founded. The largest inital problem was the transportation of the quarried slate. To solve the problem, the Rutland and Washington Railroad, which had started in 1845, extended its lines to Poultney, VT and later to Salem, NY and Eagle Bridge, NY. This enabled the industry to continue to expand.

The slate quarried in Vermont and New York contains a chemical and mineral composition within the vein of slate that produces a rare variety of colors – green, gray, gray black, purple, mottled green and purple, and red. This is the only place in the world where this variety of colors can be found.

History of slate roofing The History of slate and its use as a roofing material links and resources.
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The Repair, Replacement & Maintenance of Historic Slate Roofs
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